Unwind and Relax: Enjoy a Stress-free Evening After Work

Have you ever experienced a sudden whiplash of thoughts boggling your mind to the edge until you realize you've spent the whole night thinking about it instead of sleeping? Funny, isn't it? 

With how the human mind can send you into a spiral into the abyss moments after you've bundled yourself in your bed ready to be sound asleep. Don't worry, it's perfectly normal! It's a common problem faced by many who've bottled up frustrations, feelings, and anxieties especially after a full day of work. With our day-to-day obligations and the pressures from our work and personal lives, it'd be rocket science to figure out how to find the perfect balance between all of them. 

But, it never IS impossible. Let's help you through it, shall we? 

Take a breather — like a full inhale-exhale moment. 

Your brain may be in a state of panic right now, and all it needs is oxygen to calm down. Clear your mind, even the littlest of thoughts. Put on some calming music while you're at it. Make yourself as comfortable as possible, and — BREATHE. 

Let your feet touch the ground, and feel the cold, brittle floor. Connect with reality, and experience the things that make you feel that you are present and existing at this very moment in time. You've done a fantastic job at playing the part of a productive citizen in this society. Now, find the time to be you.  

Next, find an outlet. 

It's something that could take your mind off of things just for an hour or so. Just enough time to unwind and think about other things that make you happy. Outlets don't have to be hobbies, actually. You could binge-watch a season's worth of your favorite show or finally watch the series your best friend has been dying to get you hooked into. You could also maybe play that guitar that's been collecting dust in the corner of your room. Or you've been meaning to finish that sketch of yours, right? 

How about writing? 

Your mind and every thought it comes up with is an accumulation of all the feelings and experiences you've had since the day you had your first real thought. Your brain is a minefield every time you get caught up in a whirlwind of stress. The best way to handle it is to embrace it as it is — even in its most chaotic state. 

Huddle yourself into a corner as you jot down everything in your Daydream Journal. No matter how cringey you think your thoughts are — write every single one. Try to amuse yourself with the things that you could've said and the jokes you would've told. Reminisce on the memories you were reminded of as you sipped your morning coffee. Tell a different story of each passing day as if it were not something as simple as your Typical Tuesday. Because every day will always be an adventure! 

Our journey to self-love is not as straight as an arrow. There will always be bumps and cracks on every road turn. Let yourself groove to the rhythm of life, and never miss a single beat.

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