Attract Positivity & Calm Vibes with Sleepwear based on your Zodiac sign

The only time you really get that needful recharge & rest is night time. And what you wear during that 8-hour-long period is crucial for your nightly happiness and will significantly affect your vibes for the next day ahead. Yes, it’s all about the energy around you, so start paying attention to things that are physically close to you the most—like your nightwear. 

Everyone has their own preferences in pajamas, like what feels most comfortable to them at what they feel most confident and beautiful in. And based on our observation, people with the same tastes in nightwear, almost always have the same Zodiac sign too! 

Read up on how to up your Sleepwear style based on horoscope—all for a better night’s rest and a happier outlook for the next day:


Aries is said to be the zodiac’s resident go-getter. It’s extra challenging to calm an energized and creative spirit as yours. You are the type to need downtime or a ceremonial bedtime routine just to condition your mind to sleep.  Calm your playful spirit down with a cozy Arisse 2-3 piece set with a button down long-sleeved shirt in Japanese cotton with matching shorts or scallop-style capri.


As a solid earth sign that you are, you love stability and consistency. You have to feel secure and safe enough before you can go out and live life to the fullest. And you love things that don’t easily go out of place, so the Luisa set with ¾ Sleeves is the perfect match for you! Its shirt is long enough for you to tuck in if you don’t like having your shirt get pulled up as you sleep, and this set also gives you just the right balance of cool and warmth.


People see you as a strong-willed person, but when they get to know you more intimately, they’ll be pleasantly surprised to see the quirky side of you. Yours is a flexible spirit that can naturally blend in with different types of people. This Adrianna set exudes that colorful personality of an air sign while embracing your love for a cool breezy night.



You might’ve wondered why you are always having a hard time getting to bed and relaxing your mind, especially after a long hard day’s work. Going to sleep has to be intentional for you–and yet, one of your strengths is that you can effortlessly be your own safe space, too! You usually love wearing that oversized, overused shirt to sleep, but this Cassandra set can also give you that same feeling of warmth and safety!


As a fixed fire sign, your energy is always on. The secret to developing a good night’s sleep for you is to follow a bedtime routine at specific times as possible. Invest on sleepwear that makes you feel like royalty, you will surely love the fiery look of the Beatrice Lounge Dress or feel sexy & daring in the Lou set or Elise set!


Being a shifting earth sign, your strength is to dance along with the flow of life’s ups and downs. This flowy Lizl Midnight nightgown is your matching nightwear! It's made with soft cottony fabric that helps bring you off to dreamland and get the much-needed rest from the rollercoaster ride that is your everyday life!


You are lovable and a delight to be around! In the same way, you draw your energy from socializing with friends. You effortlessly connect with crowds and become the life of the party wherever you go. And because you’re the type to spontaneously go out at night or call for a surprise slumber party, night wear such as the Jelic set or the Leslie set is perfect as these versatile pieces can work both as either a sexy cocktail dress and a breezy nightgown!


You may be a water sign, but you are fiery and passionate! You have the tendency to get emotional with your responses. Physically, most Scorpios are the ones who feel warm even in cool environments that they lean towards lighter clothing. The Kylie set will be perfect not only to keep you cool, but to help you embrace the sexy outspoken spirit in you!


You are a go-getter and a jet-setter, so you may have those days where you don’t even have time to think of sleep—let alone worry about sleepwear. For bed, your default is to wear whatever is available and within reach. The Charlotte set will be your best match! You can even still wear the top for those mornings when you wake up late for something important and just throw in a good blazer on and off you go! 


When you set your mind into something, your mind will not rest until it happens. And that’s why you usually find it hard to relax at night especially when you are in the middle of a major project. For people like you, you need to stage the whole bedroom just for you to get proper sleep. Capricorns relax better when the ambiance calls for it and sleepwear is necessary to help them rest as well—such as the Suzy Sleeveless set where you can interchange shorts for pajamas whenever the temperature calls for it. 



You love unique items—like mundane things but in bold colors and loud patterns. You are a quirky spirit who isn’t afraid of adventures and trying out new things. The patterns and colors of both the Teresita set and the Celina set will look oh-so-good on you!


As the more introverted signs, you draw energy even just by being with yourself. You are sensitive to your surroundings and you value matching your ambiance to a specific activity. A clean & dim bedroom will help you get to dreamland, and most of all, your type of sleepwear should feel snug and cozy yet visually pleasing just like the Eleanor set.

Aside from these matching sleepwear, you can also opt to have your zodiac sign embroidered on it too!

But, of course, always remember that even if your personality and tastes may be quite similar with others of the same sign, you are still your own unique person with your own sense of style—so check out Private Storey’s collections at to see a wide range of pretty pieces guaranteed to be both glamorous and comfortable at the same time.