Beauty Sleep Redefined: 3 Reasons You Need Satin Pillowcases In Your Life

Having a good night's sleep is an everyday reward for yourself. Make it even greater by also rewarding yourself with beautiful skin and healthy hair every morning by sleeping soundly wrapped in the comfort of satin. Here are 3 reasons why our Satin-Charmeuse Pillowcases redefine 'beauty sleep' to a whole different level. 

Breakouts No More

Ever wondered why you're waking up to sudden acne breakouts? Reasons for this range from hormonal imbalances to the foods you eat. Pimples are caused by the buildup of dirt and sweat in your pores and sleeping in your cotton textured bed sheet doesn't really help with the unclogging. The common bedding material is prone to friction, which prevents your pores to breathe throughout your night's rest. 

Cotton also soaks up the moisture your face produces to keep it plump and supple. With our Satin-charmeuse pillowcases, you won't have to worry about losing your complexion when you can wake up every day with that youthful glow you've always wanted. 

Lucious Commercial Hair 

Apart from waking up with the best skin, how about we add your hair to boot? Since satin is very good at holding moisture, a couple of nights' sleep will make your hair look like you're straight out of a shampoo commercial. 

The sleek sensation of satin can also help with damaged hair. Over time, hair becomes brittle due to a number of reasons with stress being at the top of the list. Other types of pillowcases — most commonly cotton — can cause more harm to your hair due to friction, which is why you've always been finding loose hair strands on your pillowcase. 

Lessen Face Wrinkles

Waking up with an imprint on your face is one of those signs that you've had yourself the best sleep of the week, but as a result, you develop face creases that can sometimes make you look twice your age. Cotton pillowcases are a lot harsher on the skin because of their friction-inducing texture. 

Although they smooth out when you wake up, it slowly becomes a problem as constant skin stretches and pulls every night can become permanent wrinkles on your face. 

To maintain that plumpness in your face, satin pillowcases are much gentler for your skin, especially when it helps retain its moisture throughout the night. 

There's nothing more ideal on a Friday night than just hopping onto a bed made of the softest material with beauty-inducing benefits! Did we mention they also come in different colors that you'd surely love to pair with your other sleep accessories for that comfortable but still fab snooze? (wink wink!)

And if you're feeling even more extra, you can add a touch of personalization on your pillowcases and have them embroidered with your name or initials!


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