Private Storey's unique and timeless sleepwear and loungewear sets combine glamour, comfort and affordability. Everything the modern woman dreams of.

“How the unique challenges of a long-distance relationship led Private Storey to where it is today.”


Established in 2016, founder Aya Limbo launched her unique and timeless sleepwear and loungewear designs for women in Philippines. Her passion for sleepwear was sparked by a simple inability to find sleepwear sets which gracefully combined glamour with both comfort and affordability to achieve her dream look of effortlessly looking nice in front of her significant other from the other side of the world. She is just like any other girl who is currently in a long-distance relationship. Aya has been in an LDR for a couple of years already and struggled to look effortlessly good before bed. She discovered an opportunity with her current situation and she's grown to love it every day. After graduating from her post-grad, she jumped immediately into starting this business and she has never stopped since (yes, both the LDR and the business.) 

Today, Private Storey is recognized as one of the Philippines most up and coming sleepwear and loungewear sets for women in the businesses. It has been featured in When In Manila, Preview, Wedding Essentials, Inquirer, Philippine Insider, StarStudio magazine and other blogs and vlogs by trending influencers in the metro, establishing Aya as one of Manila’s brightest entrepreneurial lights.

And her future plans for the Private Storey you may ask? You'll be surprised and will be in love with her upcoming products. So stay tuned and find out!

Our Philosophy: High quality, Fair Trade and Philippine-made designs made with love

At Private Storey, we don’t believe women need to choose between style and comfort, or glamour and affordability. It is our belief that every woman should feel elegant, confident, and comfortable in all aspects of life; especially when relaxing in their own homes.

Moreover, we believe in providing fair and opportunistic benefits to our all women team. Private Storey dreams of empowering even our employees by providing them the right wages, employment benefits, proper working environment, and bonuses.

Indeed, it is these philosophies which empower us to create timeless and classic designs to fit every modern woman's sleepwear & loungewear dreams.


Our Designs & Materials.

Private Storey’s sleepwear & loungewear sets and accessories are timeless & unique. All our sets are lovingly designed by the brand owner, Aya Limbo. Aya finds inspiration from her surroundings & the people she loves. Every sleepwear & loungewear set is named after an individual close to her heart—every design expresses their personality. All materials are purchased from local Filipino merchants in the east and west of Metro Manila. 

Exquisite fabric & laces are carefully chosen to meet our customers every desire. Custom-design prints are crafted with love by local artists and our founder.


What’s in the name?

Private Storey stands for womanhood, female empowerment, glamour & confidence. We aspire to create a brand that every woman needs and desires in their everyday lives.

Private” —personal, intimate, her self, her being; “Storey”— her space; not just a room but a whole storey full of every little thing that expresses who she is. Everything making her feel, glamorous, comfortable, happy and confident. #slumberstorey