The Arrisse Collection feels like “Sleeping on a Cloud!”

Elevate and glamorize your sleepwear style, with this new, revolutionized collection. This cozy Arisse Collection features this soft, wrinkle-resistant Japanese cotton fabric that your body will surely thank you for wearing! .

No more waking up to creases and wrinkles all over your sleepwear after a long night of face-planting and crunching against your sheets. The fibers in this special fabric are silkier and longer than the regular threads found in mass-produced sleepwear. This makes its fabric feel luxuriously soft and incredibly strong—so now,  you’ll understand what sleeping on a cloud actually feels like! 

Customize this 2-3 piece set based on your taste (or maybe just based on your mood for the night!)–you can match your long-sleeves with: 1) sexy yet sweet-looking shorts; or 2) with a comfy and cute capri. Or you can wear it in either of the two yummy colors: teal blue and latte beige. 

Both in scallop style with an adjustable drawstring for shaping & relaxed fit! And did we forget to mention? Yes, it has pockets! 

Seamless all the way down to its tiniest detail—the buttons of this collection are made to look the same as its fabric for sleekness. 

On top of that, this set comes with matching accessories you wouldn’t resist getting, such as one soft headband, one fluffy eye-mask, and a cute scrunchie—all made with the right elasticity for comfortable and good hair support.

Did you know that the muse of this collection was also featured in Private Storey’s recent episode of HER Storey? Arisse De Santos, an influencer in the Philippines who moved to Australia,  guested on #HERStorey which is a Livestream series where Private Storey CEO Aya Limbo sits down with a guest to chat about things that keep them up at night — like real women problems — aiming to be an avenue for all women to listen to each other and be heard. Arisse believes that in finding comfort, quality is always the priority --and that’s exactly what this minimalist & muji-inspired collection offers you. Watch the episode here.

It’s about time we become more particular with the clothes we wear to sleep. Be on the lookout for soft texture and light weight. Observe how fabrics wrinkles or drapes on your body and stays neat even after a long wear. Start with the Arisse collection