Most of the time, when the word ‘style’ comes to mind, we automatically think: strutting in your most sleek street style, power-dressing in the office, elegance, and sophistication in formal gowns, donning a cool Party OOTD, and even chilling in minimalist loungewear—but, not everyone would ever think of naming their style of sleepwear. 

We dare you to ask some of your friends about what they wear to bed, and you’d most likely find their answers different from each other (also entertaining!) 

You’ll discover that everyone does not wear the same thing at night—some would prefer more coverage and opt for long-sleeves and pyjamas, some like wearing silky nightgowns or even lacy lingeries, while some just like wearing the classic shirt-and-shorts combo, and there are a few people who would even prefer to sleep naked! 

But despite our differences in our style of sleepwear, at the end of the day (pun intended), the common denominator for everyone, is comfort. And what feels comfortable for one person may not do the same for another as so many factors come into play for individuals such as: room temperature, living conditions, skin sensitivities, and if their lifestyle is laidback or on-the-go, etc.

Did you know that there is a perfect sleepwear style for each of us? We made sure to offer a variety of sleepwear options for every personality—all locally designed and delicately made with your comfort in mind. Read along and find out which sleepwear style suits you best!

The Conservative Princess


You are a lady of sensibility and simplicity and you are all for coverage! You know your value and you are at peace with yourself. People are drawn to you because of the mysterious charm you effortlessly exude.

This classic, comfortable, glamorous Cassandra Set comes in Magenta, Aqua, and Light Pink. This silky charmeuse set is composed of a robe cover-up, a spaghetti-strap top, and a pair of soft pyjama pants. Wearing this provides you just the right combination of warmth and coolness to keep you comfortable as you doze off to dreamland.

The Creative Night Owl


Perfect for a night owl with a free and playful spirit as yours! You are more likely to be creative and active at night. While the rest of the world is dreaming, your heart pounds passionately to achieve your goals and dreams.

Classic and comfortable—this charmeuse-satin old rose coloured Maxine set includes a short-sleeved button-down, a pair of shorts and a silky robe!

The Powerfully Sexy Siren

You are unapologetically yourself! You take up space and you know what you bring to the table and that’s exactly what makes you so sexy. You are unafraid of revealing your true self. And you believe in power-dressing...even in bed! 
Look sexy for yourself with this lacy 4-piece set that consists of the Kylie Bralette, flowy shorts for warmer nights or satin pants for cooler nights, paired with an elegant matching robe—altogether in the sexiest shade of plum!

The Effortlessly Elegant 


Young ladies admire you because you are the epitome of effortless beauty! You have a way of keeping things uncomplicated. You are the type of lady who can wear anything and still look sophisticated, even in a shirt-and-jeans combo! You're more likely to be low-maintenance as you're not a fan of extravagance. The key word is elegance. 

For a woman like you, comfort is key. Stay at home while staying classy with this 1-piece Beatrice Lounge Dress that comes in flattering shades of plum & gray. With adjustable straps and removable paddings, designed to make it look perfectly tailor-fit to each individual's body type.

The Hope-lace Romantic

Despite million stories of heartaches & heartbreaks out there, you are a firm believer that love conquers all. You dream of experiencing romance, love and intimacy and you’re not afraid to dress for the part! You know that a small detail such as a lace can do wonders to your look—giving you a sexy yet glamorous touch. 

Play into your fearless & flirty vibes with a touch of sophistication and class in this Daiane 2-pc set. Fall in love with its light beige floral lace on the sides, giving your curves a sexier touch!

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