4 Tips to Dress (Down) to that Perfect Lingerie for Valentine’s Night

At this point, you may have already picked out the perfect alluring outfit to set a romantic mood for whatever you and significant other has planned out for Valentine’s Day. Now, here comes the next challenge: finding the perfect lingerie that will be the cherry on top of your sexy escapade! 

If you don’t usually wear lingerie on a nightly basis, sorting out through lace embellishments, strap styles can be quite tricky—especially when you are trying to find that perfect balance between making it visually enticing and yet, comfortable with the fitting so you can truly enjoy the night away!

Here are a few tips to help you find just that!

It all starts with true self-love!  

When you first fill your own tank with self-love, your capacity to express love to others becomes natural and effortless. So start by sticking to your true self and your personal sense of style. Treat yourself to a nicely wrapped box of your chosen Private Storey lingerie that matches your true self. 

If your style is romantic & feminine, you will probably gravitate towards the Lou Love Box. If your personality is more on the edgier & sultry side, you are sure to rock the more daring Private Storey sets such as the Charlotte Love Box or the darker Vicky Love Box.

Ultimately, even if this is mostly for your significant other for Valentine’s Day, you should still feel like yourself, just a sexier, amplified version of you! 

Be playful and spice it up with something new.

Even as you stick to your own style, don’t forget to still spice it up for special occasions like Valentine’s Day and get adventurous with some playfully fresh details to add to your overall look, like sexy lace stockings or the wild harness suspenders! 

It’s all about arousing the senses, so don’t forget to glam your bed up with silk pillows from the Pillowcase Love Box—available in 6 colors such as: old rose, black, beige, peach, plum and lavender–Private Storey also provides an option for you to throw in a customized Valentine’s Card in the box!

And for the sense of smell, give the room a spritz of Aurora Eau de Parfum, Private Storey’s after-shower, fruit & floral scent  that hints jasmine, osmanthus, apple, honeysuckle & light musk.

Label your lingerie with love!

If you are in a happy relationship, surprise your significant other with their name (or your terms of endearment) embroidered on your flirty nightie such as the Elise 3-piece set or Kylie 3-piece set, it will surely turn them on and warm them up for a sexy bonding time (wink!). 

You can also do this even if you are happily single, you can have your initials or your name beautifully sewn onto your sleepwear. We recommend getting the Nicole Set for this! 

Aside from your name, it’s also a good idea to opt for empowering words that best describe yourself like “Queen”.

Complete the look. Complete the experience. 

Finish off a sexy look with matching make-up and glam hair-do like big, loose curls! Matching-coloured mani-pedi also never fails to do the trick. The tip is to go for anything that makes you feel more confident and gorgeous.

As for your lingerie sets, complete a sexy & romantic experience (even just by yourself) when you get any of the five Private Storey Sleepwear Love boxes with 3-piece accessory gift sets in matching colors (which include headband, eye-mask, a scrunchie), a Valentine’s Card, a mini bouquet and a sugar-cookie in a Luxe box.

Accessory Gift Sets are also separately available which include a headband, an eye-mask, a scrunchie, Valentine’s Card, mini bouquet and sugar-cookie in a Luxe box. On the other hand, Pillowcase Gift Sets include 2-piece pillowcases, an eye mask, matching pouch plus a Valentine’s card, mini bouquet and sugar-cookie in a white box.

Enjoy 30% off on this curated gift set with a free mini bouquet and heart-shaped cookie. You can also opt to upgrade into a box where you can add  ANY Private Storey sleepwear of your choice in a Luxe Box, with a Valentine’s card, mini bouquet and a sugar-cookie.

Check out Private Storey’s Valentine’s best-sellers and enjoy browsing through a wide range of comfortable yet sexy sleepwear and you just might find your perfect lingerie set for a perfect Valentine’s night!