4 Fun (and sexy!) Ways to Personalize your Pajamas & PS Sets

Getting your PJs customized is a nice way to add your own personal touch!

This simple addition can truly give your sleepwear sets much more sentimental value, so here are four fun ways you can personalize your PJs (or your eye masks and tote bags!) for yourself or with the people you love. 

Get Matching Family PJs with your Surname on it!

You know how families have matching jerseys with their surnames? Why not try getting matching sleepwear for everyone and altogether personalize it with your family name. Imagine lounging at night in the living room looking so stylishly comfy in Private Storey’s Maxine Holiday Set or the Arisse Collection with your surnames stylishly embroidered—this simple act of ‘family pride’ and ‘team spirit’ would definitely be something everyone would always cherish and treasure!

Take fun Pajama Groupies on Sleepovers with Friends.


Whenever you are planning a sleepover with friends or a sexy Bachelorette party, grab yourselves some Private Storey sets in the same color but in different styles based on each’s own personality and have all your first names embroidered on it.

Your daring & confident friend can go for the Lowen 2-PC Set, the classy & conservative one can go for the Cassandra 3-piece set or the Beatrice Lounge Dress, the active & energetic one can take the Maxine 3-piece set—or whichever floats anyone’s boats. The bottomline is there are just so many styles to choose from—just don’t forget to take snaps of that fun and crazy night,  you’ll see how all your personalities can actually shine through your personalized sleepwear! 

You can also get matching silk eye masks you can also personalize from the Private Storey too!


Surprise your Significant Other with THEIR name on your nightgown!

In the spirit of the love month, it’s a given that couples are surely going to put on some surprise love action with each other every now and then. Usually, the surprise is always a sexy irresistible lingerie in the likes of Private Storey’s Louise 2-piece set or the Elise 3-piece set.

But why not make the moment sexier and hotter by surprising your significant other with their own name on your flirty piece? (Wink, wink!)

‘Monogrammed for Me!’

Show a little bit more self-love and treat yourself like the queen that you are, by marking all your own Private Storey sets with your initials or personal in a minimal yet classy way. You may try  having your own monogram embroidered beautifully into the fabric.

Aside from the nighties, you can also enjoy Private Storey in the daytime too and score a quality everyday bag from their eco-friendly tote bag collection or pillowcases that you can have customized too!

Whichever way you decide to personalize your sets, at the end of the day, putting extra care & effort into something you wear when your body is taking time to recover & rest, is always a wonderful form of self-care! 

Check out Private Storey’s best-sellers and enjoy browsing through a wide range of comfortable yet beautiful sleepwear and you just might find a piece that suits your mood or taste!