Guide to Gifting the Right Sleepwear for HER

‘Tis the season for beautiful and sexy nightwear! Getting someone else sleepwear could get very tricky as it is a very intimate and personal item to begin with. 

Gifting this item to someone else could mean you know them intimately as well. Women get lingeries or intimate sleepwear as presents only usually from their significant other, from their sister or mother or from a close girlfriend. So if you plan to get a set of sleepwear for someone—here are a few important tips to consider when choosing a lingerie or a nightie for someone else. OR, if you are single this Valentine’s, let it not stop you from celebrating self-love by buying something that makes you feel beautiful and sexy. (Wink wink)


You know how frustrating it is to receive clothing in the wrong size, right? And how you’d feel embarrassed to tell the giver that you couldn’t wear it because they got the size wrong. So, save her from that awkward situation by doing your homework first. Find ways to get her sizes as exact as possible. And make sure to check out our Size Chart for specific measurements. 

If it is your first time to get her a nightie—you can start with flowy nightgowns that are classy yet equally flirty such as the Marion 2-piece set or the Eleanor 2-piece set. And then, once you’ve mastered her sizes, as you go along, you can try getting your special lady the more body-hugging and sexier styles like the Lou 2-piece set.

Identify the style of nightie they feel most comfortable and confident in. 

As much as the lacey & fitted ones effortlessly make for a sexy look—make sure your woman feels comfortable and confident in the styles you choose for them. Maybe her style is more of an elegant and straightforward type like the Genevieve 2-piece set or the Natalia Old Rose 2-piece set. Or maybe she leans towards a more playful and free-spirited style such as the Alexandra 4-piece set.

The pro tip is to get her two sets: One that effortlessly suits her taste & personality and a daring one that you would really love to see her in—now, that’s what we call a win-win situation!

Make this gift something more thoughtful rather than suggestive. 

If you are giving someone you are romantically involved with sexy lingerie, be extra careful to make sure this gift won’t send her the wrong message about your relationship with each other; rather, this gift should make her feel adored and respected as the woman you love. This is why it’s crucial to show her that you are willing to go the extra mile to thoughtfully package the lingerie or sleepwear with sincere love. 

Go for the Love Box Upgrade which includes one Valentine’s Card, one Luxe Box, one pretty mini bouquet and one heart-shaped sugar cookie. There are definitely no excuses for not getting the Luxe boxes because we extended its availability until the end of February!

You can also opt to add embroidery of your terms of endearment or your names on the sleep wear to make the moment of gift-giving extra special!

There is also the option to throw in some more items such as: the Aurora Eau de Parfum that gives off an after-shower aroma that lingers ‘til the morning; Accessories like hair scrunchies, eye masks, head bands; and Satin Pillowcases that come in romantic colors such as plum, lavender, old rose, light beige and more.

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