5 Things That'll Help You Get The Best Sleep Of Your Life This Weekend - COSMO

Science says that sleeping in on weekends doesn't really make up for the hours of sleep you lost during the week, and while that may be true, that's not going to stop us from sneaking in a nap or two on a cool Saturday afternoon.

Lately, it might seem like your work hours are longer (or endless), and even when you try to sleep in, your mind's too busy trying to figure out your to-do list for the day. As a result, bumabangon ka na lang din kahit pagod ka pa. In a way, kahit nakakatulog ka, yung quality of sleep, hindi pa rin maganda. Below are some things that might help you get some much needed shut-eye. 

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Sleeping mask

Some people sleep best when the room is pitch black. But unless you have blackout curtains, it's not always possible to attain that. The next best thing, and quite frankly, cheaper alternative, is to get yourself a reliable sleeping mask.