Start living in the moment with these mindfulness exercises. 

Overwhelmed with what’s going on? Do you feel anxious about the future? We feel you. With so many unknowns, it’s easy to get caught up in negativity and stress. And that can’t be beneficial for our physical and mental wellbeing. In this blog, we’ll show you how to include easy mindfulness activities into your daily routine and help your brain to stay focused on the positive.

Quick Recap: What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the idea of taking time to check in with yourself and being present in the moment. By practicing mindfulness, you train your brain to go to a place of calm and focus, allowing you to fully enjoy the present. With mindfulness, you can strengthen the immune system, improve mood, reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, and boost memory and concentration. 

Consider these easy mindfulness practices for a happier, healthier, and calmer version of yourself:

  1. Observe your surroundings

Focus your attention on your actual everyday experiences, even mundane ones like walking, taking a shower, or eating meals. Take some time to listen and observe what’s happening. Engage your senses by noticing the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes, so you can fully experience the world as you move through it.

  1. Observe your thoughts and emotions

Notice any thoughts and emotions that come to you. Don’t judge, change, or understand them. Feel them, observe them, and then let them go. 

  1. Focus on your breath

By drawing your attention to your breath, you can train your mind to focus. Find a quiet spot and close your eyes. Then, take several deep, slow breaths as you focus on each inhale and exhale. Practice this as often as you can. 

  1. Practice mindful listening

Next time you have a face-to-face conversation, try active listening, where you focus your complete attention on the other person. Observe the sound of their voice, how they speak, their hand movements. Take full notice of them without judgement, criticism, or interruption. 

  1. Start journaling

Write on your journal before you start your day or as you wind down for bed every night. For those who are just getting started on journaling, it may be helpful to have a journal that contains dedicated sections for self-discovery, goal-setting, and self-reflecting.  

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The opportunities for mindfulness can be found every day, anywhere, and at any time. And as always, focus on just taking each day as it comes. 

We hope you give mindfulness a try today.